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Title תלמוד לשון עברי
Subtitle כולל יסודות לשון הקדש כלליה ופרטיה ודקדקיה..
Author Judah Leib Ben Zeʾev (1764-1811)
Co-Author Solomon ben Moses Chelm (1781 (d.))
Publisher A. Rosbach
Place of public. Königsberg
Year 1859
Hebrew Year 620
Edition 1
Pages 230
Internet -
Locations - National Library of Israel (25 A 14289)
- British Library (01013743698)
- NYPL (*PCD (Benze'eb, J. Talmud leshon ʻIvri. 1859))
- YeshUL (PJ4556.B4528 1859)
Language(s) of document Hebrew  ⁄  
Keywords Hebrew Language -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  
Notes additional authors: Behak, Judah; Solomon ben Joel Dubno [1738-1813]; Chayim Solomon Eliaschewitz; Tsebi ben Simchah Katzenellenbogen; Moses Aryeh ben Zeeb.

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