Itt 0094 001

Title Enkat bene temutha: Eyne zammlung hokhdaytsher gebethe fir gebildete izraelitishe froyentsimmer
Subtitle nebst eyner follshtendigen iberzettsung des gebethes Yom Kipur Katan
Author Hermann Engländer
Publisher Scholl & Landau
Place of public. Prag
Year 1824
Hebrew Year תקפ"ד
Edition 1
Pages 222
Internet -
-änder,+hermann+bene&as_brr=3&hl=de&source=gbs_selected_pages&cad=2#v=onepage&q=engländer%2C hermann bene&f=false
- Library of Israel&docId=NNL_ALEPH000063725
Locations - UBF (Jud. 7453)
- National Library of Israel (F 46642)
- JMW (ma21386 / benuetzbar)
Language(s) of document German in Hebrew letters  ⁄  Yiddish  ⁄  
Keywords Prayer Book  ⁄  Religious and Moral Education -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  Women's Education  ⁄  

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