Itt 0157 005

Title Profession de foi pour les israëlites par demandes et réponses
Subtitle À l'usage de ceux qui donnent la confirmation
Author Jeremiah Heinemann (1778-1855)
Publisher G. Ueberreuter
Place of public. Wien
Year 1813
Hebrew Year הקד' תקע"ג
Edition 1
Title (translated) Religions-Bekenntniss für Israeliten in Fragen und Antworten
Pages 16
Internet - Library of Israel&docId=NNL_ALEPH002120950
Locations - National Library of Israel (37 B 1329)
- SBB (8" Ev 6698)
- OSU (BM707 .H45 1813)
Language(s) of document French  ⁄  
Keywords Religious and Moral Education -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  

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