Itt 0012 004

Title גירסא דינוקא
Author Isaac ben Isaiah Auerbach (n.d.-1748)
Co-Author ben Michael Moses Mezeritz Baruch Bendit (n.d.)
Place of public. Breslau
Year 1814
Hebrew Year 574 תק״עד
Edition 2
Title (uniform) Richtige und bay lernung des Khumesh, mit fielem nuttsen ... nebst aynen felligen oystsug fon allen dine tefilin, velkhe zehr nehtig zayn le-ven šeloš ʿeśreh le-Var Miẕweh
Pages 36
Internet - -
Locations - YeshUL (Rare Lutzki 429)
Language(s) of document Hebrew  ⁄  Yiddish  ⁄  
Keywords Hebrew Language -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  

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