Itt 0059 034

Title תורת לשון עברית
Subtitle קצרה ובאר היטב : אדער, קורצגעפאסטע אונד דייטליכע עברישע שפראכלעהרע
Author Shalom ben Jacob Cohen (1772-1845)
Co-Author Wolf Mayer (1778-1850)
Publisher Schollische Buchdruckerei
Place of public. Prag
Year 1816
Hebrew Year 567
Title (uniform) Torat leshon ʻIvrit: ... kol diḳduḳ ha-ḳeri'ah ṿeha-ketivah ... : oder Ḳurtsgefasṭe un dayṭlikhe Ivrishe shprakhlehre ..
Pages 186+24
Internet -
Locations - REX (jid-845)
- JTS (PJ4556 .C6 1802)
Language(s) of document Hebrew  ⁄  German in Hebrew letterss  ⁄  
Keywords Hebrew Language -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  
Notes add. author: Philippson, Moses [1775-1814]

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