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Title חורב
Subtitle חובות הישראלי הבלתי תלויים בארץ ירושתו ...
Author Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888)
Co-Author Mosheh Zalman ben Shemuʼel Hilel Ahrenzohn (1848-1906)
Publisher Bi-defus ha-almanah ṿeha-aḥim Rom
Place of public. Wilna
Year 1895-1901
Hebrew Year 653-655
Edition 2
Title (uniform) Edot weha-torot
Pages 366
Internet - horev&dstmp=1477166214444
- horev&id=FRANKLIN_2437709#mobileColPage#mobileColPage
Locations - UML (PMF69)
- PL (BM565 .H57 1895)
Language(s) of document Hebrew  ⁄  
Keywords Religious and Moral Education -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  

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