Itt 0251 004

Title Tahanune bat yehudah
Subtitle Andakhṭsbukh fir izraeliṭishe froyentsimmer tsur effenṭlichen und haizlikhen andakht in allen ferhelṭnissen des lebens als yungfroi, broiṭ, gaṭṭin und muṭṭer
Author Meir Letteris (1800-1871)
Publisher Ḳonsisṭorial-gezelshafṭ der guṭen bikher, des nieder-haynishen deparṭemenṭs,
Place of public. Strassburg
Year 1848
Pages 144
Internet -
Locations - YUL (BM675 T4 Z575 1848 (LC))
- NYPL (**P 09-137)
- YULIS (BM675.T4 Z575 1848)
- SBNU (C.147.453.CSTOU)
Language(s) of document German in Hebrew letters  ⁄  
Keywords Devotional Book  ⁄  Religious and Moral Education -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  Women's Education  ⁄  

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