Itt 0258 004

Title בית האסף
Subtitle כולל כמה חקירות בדקדוק לשון עבר ‬
Author Shlomo Levisohn (1789-1821)
Publisher Franz Sommer
Place of public. Prag
Year 1812
Hebrew Year תקפ"ג
Edition 1
Title (uniform) Beth haossef : enthaltend verschiedene gramatikalische und philologische Untersuchungen in der hebraischen Sprache
Pages 24 Bl.
Internet -
- Library of Israel/Hebrew/library/Pages/BookReader.aspx?pid=3001036
Locations - National Library of Israel (8= 26 V 350)
- British Library (1984.b.43)
Language(s) of document Hebrew  ⁄  
Keywords Hebrew Language -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  

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