Itt 0319 005

Title ספר מעגל ישר כולל למוד חכמת הדקדוק ע"פ הגיון..
Author Mosheh Shemuel Naiman (1769-1831)
Publisher Schollische Buchdruckerei
Place of public. Prag
Year 1816
Hebrew Year תקע"ו
Edition 2
Title (uniform) Sefer Maʻgal yashar: kolel limud ḥokhmat ha-diḳduḳ ʻa.
Pages 164
Internet -
Locations - National Library of Israel (85 A 1126)
- ONB (ÖNB Sammlung von Handschriften und alten Drucken)
Language(s) of document Hebrew   ⁄  German in Hebrew letters  ⁄  
Keywords Hebrew Language -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  

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