Itt 0450 005

Title Emunat 'omen
Subtitle Dottrina religiosa per la I e II classe delle scuole popolari israelitiche e Dottrina religiosa per la iii e iv classe delle scuole popolari israelitiche
Author Moritz Ziltz
Co-Author Victorii Castiglioni
Publisher C. Coen
Place of public. Triest
Year 1861
Edition 1
Pages 55; 59
Internet -"JTS")%2Cscope:(JTS_DIGITOOL)%2Cscope:(JTS_EAD)%2Cscope:(JTS_ALEPH)%2Cprimo_central_multiple_fe&tb=t&mode=Basic&vid=JTS&tab=default_tab&srt=rank&dum=true&vl(freeText0)=ziltz%2C m&dstmp=1474975098565&fromTabHeaderButtonPopout=true
- Library of Israel&docId=NNL_ALEPH002599403
Locations - OXL (Mont 62G59A)
- National Library of Israel (70 B 245)
- JTS (BM573 .Z54 1861)
Language(s) of document Italian  ⁄  Hebrew  ⁄  
Keywords Principles of Faith  ⁄  Religious and Moral Education -- Study and Teaching  ⁄  Ten Commandments  ⁄  

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